How to turn your own skills and abilities into services you can barter

List everything that you can do, then ask yourself how you can use the list to help you barter. Here are a few ideas, to get you started.



                    YOU CAN OFFER

A bookkeeper Checkbook balancing, financial organization, help with QuickBooks, bill-paying schedules
A singer or musician Performances at weddings, birthdays, special events
An animal lover Dog walking, pet care when owners are away
A good organizer Organize a home office, set up weekly schedules, organize closets
A gardener Weekly bouquets, advice/help about planting
A work-at-home Mom Child care, home cooked meals


• How to ask for what you want on our barter site

With money so tight, consider asking for things that ordinarily require your cash



Food Homegrown vegetables, fruit, eggs
Clothes A seamstress or tailor
Car repairs A mechanic
Upgrading your home A contractor, carpenter, painter
Help around the house House cleaning, gardening, cooking


• How to achieve a successful barter



Do write a separate ad for each "Have". Don't put all your "Haves" in one ad.
Do write as many ads as you wish. Don't limit yourself to one ad only.
Do list as many "Wants" as possible in each of your ads. Don't miss out on the widest possible audience for your ad by listing only one "Want".
Do keep the communication open. Don't say "that won't work", and sign off.
Do be willing to negotiate. Don't say "no" to the first offer - try to find other possibilities.
Do be clear about what you have and what it's worth to you. Don't be vague.
Do be flexible. Don't say "that's it and nothing else will do".
Do offer something else when you see anything you want but don't have the exact match for their "Want". Don't be afraid to offer something different from what's "Wanted"; you could be pleasantly surprised.
Do look at the ads frequently. You can use the search engine on our "View Ads" page to read what other people want as well as for goods and services being offered. Don't give up if you don't see a match the first time you search the ads.