Benefits of Barter

Benefits of Barter

ONE PRICE FITS ALL!  You can place as many of your own ads as you like, and answer any of the ads that interest you. All interactions are conducted DIRECTLY between you and the person whose ad you are answering or the person who is answering your ad.

Your ads remain on the Santa Cruz Barter site for 2 months and can be renewed as many times as you wish. Santa Cruz Barter requests that ads be deleted when a barter transaction has been completed.

Bartering not only saves your cash, it's a wonderful way to recycle.

Additionally, Santa Cruz Barter provides you with wonderful customer service; any questions you have will be answered promptly.

Here are the outstanding benefits of placing a barter ad with Santa Cruz Barter versus placing an ad in your local newspaper.

Cost: $10 to $100 per ad depending on size and duration FREE for as many ads as you like!
Duration: A day, a weekend, a week, etc. As long as you are a member!
Audience: The dozen or so people who happen to see your ad on the days it runs. Hundreds of potential viewers every week. Many people like to read all the ads looking for that special something they've always wanted.